Thursday 19 February 2009

How Much????

Sorry - I'm on the last knockings of Moonshine (goalposts have been moved again and it now has to be delivered next Thursday and I've just done a word count and - aaargh!!!) and shouldn't be blogging at all, but I just had to break off and share this wonderful piece of news about my newly-elevated status.

I've clearly arrived in the land of the must-have authors!!! JKR eat your heart out.

This little snippet from Amazon was passed to me by a friend this morning - and it's made my day!!!

I knew spotting a copy of Happy Birthday in the shops was rarer than finding unicorns' eggs - but even so I had no idea it had become a collector's item...


"Happy Birthday (Paperback)
by Christina Jones (Author)
Price at a Glance
RRP: £6.99
Used: from £1,186.14
Used (1 from £1,186.14)
Ready to buy? £1,186.14 + £2.75 shipping - Used - Like New.
Comments: As new book delivered in the UK in 2-3 days."

Magic or what????

Oh, and thanks again to Womag I've sold another story to YOURS this morning. THANK YOU!!!

And I've just bought a gorgeous vintage black beaded velvet bolero to go with my m-o-t-b frock (in case it gets chilly) from eBay for 75p.

So all-in-all, a truly great start to the day!

Now back to tying up the Moonshine ends, beaming broadly.


Suzanne Ross Jones said...

'Happy Birthday' is worth every penny. I hope you have loads of author copies to offer for sale.

Bless Amazon - and eBay.

Christina Jones said...

Suzanne - oh, I do wish I'd hung on to my author copies now! I do love a misprint (someone else's I hasten to add - I'm not so keen on my own) though!!! And agree eBay is fab - especially for skinflints like me...

Anonymous said...

That is BRILLIANT!!! You have to check it regularly just in case someone buys it for that much...too bad it's not me who is selling it ;)
I didn't know it was so hard to find-my local bookstore has quite a few last time I checked.

I LOVE ebay. Completely addicted to it in a very unhealthy way !!

And just a random q, are you on twitter?

p.s. I may have already commented on this blog entry but I am not sure - my computer froze and I have no idea if it worked or not!

Christina Jones said...

me x 5 - my bet is that the seller will have noticed their mistake pdq and marked it down to 2p or whatever it was supposed to be! But I've had my moment of glory.
Also addicted to eBay! And no, not on twitter - no time for anything else to distract me. But later - who knows???

Deborah Carr (Debs) said...

Blimey, wouldn't that be fabulous!

Love the sound of your bolero, gorgeous.

Christina Jones said...

debs - well, it made me smile on a morning when my word count had me in tears!!! And *I* think the bolero is lovely - but have a feeling everyone else will now think I've come in fancy-dress...

Jan Jones said...

Fancy dress? But everyone's going to be dressed fancily!

Anyway, what are you doing reading this when you should be chiselling away at the wordcount-left?

Christina Jones said...

Jan - er - yes - sorry - back to the word count. NOW! Anyone got any good ideas on how to magic up another 40,000 of the little blighters before next Thurs???

Karen said...

Imagine if someone does buy it :oO Might mean they're a fanatic though. Bit scary.

Good news about the story sale, and good luck with finishing Moonshine on time :o)

Christina Jones said...

karen - my moment of glory was very brief. Sadly the price has been corrected to £1.90 or something disappointing today... congrats on your Best story - read it - loved it! Moonshine - ooooh -aaargh!!! said...

awww, it was nice while it lasted then!

Dancing in the Moonlight is worth a lot of money though £54 last time I looked at it!

And yay, I'm an eBay junkie too!

S xx

Karen Mannering said...

Hi Christina
Great news. I wish you well with all your books. I think it is fantastic that you have the rights back again, and selling in Germany!?! I just wish my books had sold as many as yours. Best wishes, you deserve it.
(I have hung onto all my copies and so I could sell up and make a mint couldn't I?)

Kath McGurl said...

Ooh well done on the sale!